Rent a Bin to Collect Your Wood Debris

wood_debris_binOur Bin Rental program available to the public.

Our bins are standard 35 yard bins, inside dimensions of 6′ high, 8′ wide, 22′ in length. The bin is open on top and also has double doors on the end for easier access and hand loading.

Our program is for collection of clean wood debris. The material can range from shrub and tree limbs to pallets, wood shakes, discarded wood, construction debris, etc. (no berry vines).

Bin Rental Costs

The fees start at $160.00 and go on a sliding scale depending on the delivery location.

A $75.00 refundable deposit required helps to guarantee only acceptable material will be placed in the bin.

  • When approval from our wood yard has been given your deposit will be refunded.
  • If the bin contains unacceptable materials you may loose a portion or all of your deposit.
  • If the bin is severely contaminated it will be diverted to the landfill with the charges passed on to you.
  • For a speedy return of your deposit, please issue a separate check, we will simply return your own check to you.

Bin Rental Time Limits

You may utilize a bin for up to five business days and incorporate a weekend for a one week rental. If you fill the bin sooner than expected you may call for an early pick up, we will certainly try to fit you into the dispatch schedule. Each additional bin is an additional fee. You need not be present at the time of the retrieval.

Someone must be at the site when the bin is dropped (by appointment). At this time the driver will expect to collect both the fee and the refundable deposit. There is also a release form you will be asked to sign.

We hope you will find our service useful and beneficial. All material brought in from the bin program goes to our wood debris recycling yard. It is then recycled into usable fuel for our wood fired boilers. Being a power plant, it has been our goal to find alternative means of fuel while offering a recycling yard to the public.

We are a “Renewable Energy” company helping the public lower costs while keeping the air we breathe clean.

Call us at 541-826-9422 to get more information on the Bin Rental Program