Biomass One Operates 3 Morbark Tub Grinders

Would our Tub Grinder fit Your Project?

  • Slash Piles/Logging Debris
  • Industrial Wood Debris
  • Vineyard/Orchard Clearing
  • Old Hog Fuel Piles
  • Land Clearing Material
  • Dismantlement Material
  • Log Yard Debris
  • Pre-Commercial Thinning
  • Commercial Thinning of Tops and Limbs or any Other Non-Contaminated Wood Debris

Tips to Help Your Project Run Smooth:

  • Call Biomass One first before starting big jobs to allow coordination on pile size and location.
  • Use brush rakes to build slash piles to reduce contamination.
  • Build piles as large as possible to minimize moving equipment.
  • Keep non-woody material out of fuel pile to be processed.

What size of job warrants the tub grinder?
About the size of 2 three bedroom houses or more.

Custom Grinding at your location is also available.

For more information or to rent the tub grinder, please call us at 541-826-9422